Stewardship / Volunteer Workday

The Rumble Stewardship / Volunteer Workday

Chimney Rock State Park Volunteer Program


The volunteer work day for the new Rumbling Bald Trail will be held on Sunday, December 13 from 10 am to 2 pm.

A Ranger will be on site to coordinate the event.

  1. Each volunteer will need to fill out volunteer paperwork before they start work on the trail.
  2. Each volunteer should bring their own tools. A shovel or a rake may be helpful.
  3. The volunteer job description and a safety briefing will be reviewed before any work is done.
  4. A Ranger will lead the group to the start of the trail and demonstrate what work is to be completed.
  5. If we have a large group of volunteers they may be split into smaller work crews with one crew leader each.
  6. Groups will then work on the trail independently until 2 pm

For more information  Call 828-625-1823

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