About Us

“Nurture the Wild Life?”  What does that mean?  What is the ‘Wild Life’?  For us it is about building relationships that will increase access to the outdoor activities that we know and love.

Because some of the things we love to do is hike, bike, climb, camp, explore and teach.

For some, outdoor recreation is a chance to relax and find peace in our natural surroundings. For others, outdoor recreation is a very social, physical, and goal oriented activity that places individuals in the midst of the unforgiving ecological features.  And some, it’s simply time spent with friends and family in an outdoor learning laboratory.

Regardless of how you see outdoor recreation, all views require access to the natural environment.

Access means roads, parking lots, and trails.

Some forms of access and outdoor recreation can harm the natural communities that we are trying to enjoy. There must be a balance in protecting the natural communities we love and providing recreational access to them.

The Chimney Rock State Park’s Master Plan addresses these issues in the Hickory Nut Gorge region.  The Friends of Chimney Rock State Park support the Mission of North Carolina State Parks and the Chimney Rock State Parks’s Master Plan by raising funds for the Park and volunteer projects.


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