A Home builder, also known as a residential contractor, constructs new homes and takes on major remodeling jobs. These individuals can build homes on their own or work with a design-build company that manages the architectural design and construction process. The goal of a home builder is to

Who are the top 10 home builders?

meet local housing demands by building houses to meet the needs of their community.

Becoming a home builder requires education or on-the-job training and a high level of physical fitness. The work is often strenuous and involves standing for long periods of time. It’s important that you be able to read blueprints, troubleshoot problems, calculate dimensions and estimate materials needed for a job. Depending on where you live, individual states may require home builders to pass licensing exams and obtain bonding and commercial liability insurance before starting their businesses.

The housing market collapse left many home builders financially devastated, and the ones that survived have become extremely cautious. The supply of new homes grew in recent years as builders responded to pent-up demand, but the industry has slowed down again as mortgage rates rise and buyers take pause before making any commitments.

When you choose a home builder, look for one who is willing to listen and respond to your questions with patience and clarity. Their communication style during the initial meetings is a good indication of how they will communicate throughout the process, so be sure to ask lots of questions and get detailed answers.

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