verify an email

Verify an email lookup is a process to ensure that your messages reach the intended recipients and don’t end up in spam boxes or on blocklists. It also reduces bounce rates and improves your sender reputation, which will help you increase conversions and profitability.

The first step is to verify each email address in your database. This is done by pinging each email to see if it’s active and capable of receiving and reacting to email messages. If it does, it’s considered valid and you can safely send real emails to it.

Another method of verification is to run a query on Google or other search engines to find out whether an email address is in use. This can help you decide if it’s worth sending to or deleting.

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This is a good option if you have only one or two email addresses that aren’t working properly, but it’s not recommended for larger lists that aren’t updated regularly. It may also be hard to get a good return on this investment, which is why we recommend using an email verification service instead.

Verifying your email list once every quarter or half a year can prevent the accumulation of invalid email addresses that may impact your deliverability and lead to hard bounces. This can also help you avoid acquiring and sending to risky email addresses such as role accounts, disposable addresses or those linked to fraud or chargebacks. These types of addresses are often associated with high bounce rates and poor sender reputation, which can damage your marketing efforts.

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